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Membership levels

Everyone joins as a free member, initially.  This gives you the opportunity to evaluate our services without risk or obligation.  If you like what you see, but want to do more, we recommend upgrading your membership.  Higher levels of membership provide better earnings within the exchange, and more control over your presentations.

Level Name Max Sites Regular
Paid Regular
Paid Manual
Ad Credit*
Referral Credit
Volume Control Extras Cost/month
(sub. price)
Free 4 Rg: 1.00 / 15s
PM: 90% / 0.000300 per
1 levels: 3.00% of surfing
Assign Credit
Max Credit/Hr

..Rg: 5000

..Reg: 100
PMB***: 100
Bronze 6 Rg: 1.00 / 14s
PM: 100% / 0.000400 per
2 levels: 3.50% of surfing
Assign Credit
Max Credit/Hr
Email** 14 days
..Rg: 8000
..Mn: 2000
PMB***: 500

..Reg: 8000
..Man: 2000
PMB***: 500
Associate 10 Rg: 1.00 / 13s
PM: 120% / 0.000400 per
2 levels: 3.50% of surfing
Assign Credit
Max Credit/Hr
Email** 12 days
..Rg: 15000
..Mn: 4000
PMB***: 1000

..Reg: 15000
..Man: 4000
..PdReg: 100
PMB***: 1000
[Life: $69.00]
Pro 40 Rg: 1.20 / 12s
PM: 150% / 0.000500 per
3 levels: 4.00% of surfing
Assign Credit
Max Credit/Hr
Email** 10 days
..Rg: 25000
..Mn: 6000
PMB***: 1500

..Reg: 25000
..Man: 6000
..PdReg: 150
PMB***: 1500
[Life: $109.00]
Gold 60 Rg: 1.40 / 11s
PM: 200% / 0.000600 per
5 levels: 4.50% of surfing
1 Way Station
Assign Credit
Max Credit/Hr
Email** 10 days
..Rg: 35000
..Mn: 8000
PMB***: 5000

..Reg: 35000
..Man: 8000
..PdReg: 200
PMB***: 5000
[Life: $175.00]
Platinum 100 Rg: 1.60 / 10s
PM: 250% / 0.000700 per
6 levels: 5.00% of surfing
4 Way Stations
Assign Credit
Max Credit/Hr
Email** 7 days
..Rg: 65000
..Mn: 15000
PMB***: 10000

..Reg: 65000
..Man: 15000
..PdReg: 1000
PMB***: 10000
[Life: $225.00]
Cobalt 200 Rg: 1.80 / 8s
PM: 300% / 0.001000 per
10 levels: 6.00% of surfing
8 Way Stations
Assign Credit
Max Credit/Hr
Email** 4 days
..Rg: 125000
..Mn: 40000
PMB***: 50000

..Reg: 125000
..Man: 40000
..PdReg: 2000
PMB***: 50000
[Life: $500.00]
Cobalt open Cobalts set up copies of the TrEx exchange on their own web site, and can exchange visitors and traffic with our hub site.  Serious inquiries only, please.  Learn more
Passenger bonus n/a Any level: adds 0.05% to surf-earned credits by the top-25 surfers each week.
(h-v scores and bonuses are calculated and awarded weekly)
High-volume Passengers
Email bonus n/a Any level: adds 0.035% to all surfing earned credits
[Given to members who permit emails from their upline]

Monthly credits (where shown above) are provided at time of subscription or renewal.  In the case of free memberships, they are provided on the same date each month (the date you confirmed your initial membership).  For upgraded accounts, they are provided on the anniversary of your upgrade.  If your membership date is the 29th or after, your credits may not be added until the first day of the following month.

Signup Bonuses (where shown above) are provided at time of joining, or initial subscription to a level. 

*Advertising Credit is based on 24-hour unique exposures, and is paid in real-time.

*Bonus Some upgraded levels get bonuses added to their Credit purchases.

**Email option; Email is only available when downline members of yours have elected to receive emails.  You must elect to receive email from your upline to qualify to send mail to your downline.  All email is done through our system, with sender and receiver emails obscured.  Email addresses are never distributed by AutoSurf Max.

***PMB option: Some membership levels may get credits each month to send messages to other members through our Private Mail Box system.

(Sub Price) We offer a discount if you subscribe to our membership, instead of purchase one month at a time.

[Pkg. Price] We may offer a discount if you purchase multiple months of an upgrade in advance. If we offer a package, the number shown will be the number of months, followed by the total price of the package.

[Life Price] We may offer a discount for a lifetime membership at some levels.

AutoSurf Max offers a cash commission on your referrals spending*!

Level Name #/LevelsL1

* - Commissions are paid on referrals' spending in the following categories:
  • Membership Upgrades
  • Upgrade Subscriptions

Referral Earnings: One time bonuses

If someone you refer joins ASM, you receive a benefit based on their relationship to you, and your membership level.  These bonuses apply when a new member joins, either  through your referral link, or one of your downline member's referral link.


Level Name Level 1
Free Reg: 100
Bronze Reg: 200
Associate Reg: 200
Pro Reg: 400
Gold Reg: 800
Platinum Reg: 2000
Cobalt Reg: 4000

These prices and values are subject to change.  All value amounts on this site are in U.S. Dollars. 

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